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جامعۃ البنات لعل بازار سرینگر

JAMIA-TUL-BANAAT (Women’s Educational Institute) is a prominent and well known Institute meant for providing religious as well as contemporary education to the girls, established in July,1999,sponsored by the registered trust.This institution is managed by an executive body nominated by the trust. This is first institution of its nature in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is duly registered by the government under order No. HE/Recog/Aalimiyat/ and Fazeelat courses 2003/16 dated: 21/07/2003 and affiliated to the University of Kashmir under order NO.F (Recognition jamia-tul-banat) Acad/KU/05 dated:May.11.2005.


  • To provide both contemporary as well as religoius education according to the modern trends to the girls
  • To inculate firm belief amongst the girls along with their character building,quite in consonance with their beliefs
  • To provide them with the knowledge of Quran ,Hadith and Fiqh(Islamic Jurisprudence) directly in the arabic language so as to make them well accquainted
  • To prepare such educated women who can:-
  • Do commendable job in the field of propagation of islam and be its true representatives and followers.
  • Fullfill their duty towards the reformation of the society and eridication of social and domestic evils.
  • Mould the comming generation in accordance with the devine norms inculcate amongst them the true sprit and knowledge of islam.
  • Mould their homes according to the devin guidence and play their part as a role model of islamic muslim women.

Chairman's Message

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I, on behalf of the faculty and staff of Jamia-Tul-Banaat (Women’s Educational Institute) Lalbazar Srinagar, and on my own behalf appreciate your interest in seeking admission at this time-honored seat of learning. This is a model institution, where faith and reason constitute the integral part of the system of education.